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Inside The Advisor Summit: 2023 Recap & Takeaways

November 27, 2023 OneAscent

We had an incredible time at our second annual Advisor Summit! We believe in empowering advisors to advance the Kingdom, and the Summit was a testament to that commitment. Against the backdrop of gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, we met at the Henderson Resort in Destin, Florida. This setting allowed advisors and their spouses to get away from the busyness of life and come together for meaningful community and powerful discussions. 

Our Co-Founder, Harry Pearson, opened the first night discussing Garden to City. In the Garden City of the New Heavens and New Earth, every single person and every square inch flourish. Our investments and innovations will be sanctified and sure. Christ will have transformed his people and places from “good” to “very good” again. As advisors and investors, we have the opportunity to reflect this coming reality. 

We believe that change starts with conviction, proceeds to diligence and critical thinking, and culminates in doing the work. Therefore, each of our speakers spoke directly to how we as advisors and investors can put our Hearts, Heads, and Hands before the Lord and ask him to advance his Kingdom. 


Beginning with the Heart, Will Sorrell, Director of Values-Based Investing at OneAscent Investments, explained the theology of investing biblically. He posed the question: “If it’s not a company we would frequent in the next life, why should it be a company we would want to own in this life?” This poignant question is at the root of our Kingdom-driven conviction. God said he is making all things new, not making all new things (Revelation 21:5). 

Jaco Booyens of Jaco Booyens Ministries gave us an eye-opening look into the crucial work his ministry does to prevent human trafficking. Jaco emphasized that financial advisors play a unique role in clients’ lives. While clients have a desire to invest wisely, they will likely seek their advisor’s advice before their pastor’s advice. As such, advisors are responsible for guiding them in a way that aligns with their mutual convictions. Additionally, financial advisors serve as the primary point of contact for clients seeking to make strategic contributions to organizations like Jaco Booyens Ministries. 

On our last day of the Advisor Summit, four advisors, Justin Cramer, Chuck Clement, Paul Tyers, and Scott MacKenzie, introduced us to their firms and how they differentiate themselves in the industry. Each of these advisors has a conviction to work with clients in a particular circumstance. Chuck Clement, for example, spends a large part of his time working with families who have special needs children through his foundation, Eli's Village. Justin Cramer, on the other hand, delved into the intricacies of catering to family office families and the unique, personalized relationships he forges with them. In their approaches, each of these advisors demonstrates a profound understanding of their clients' core values and the responsibility they carry in ensuring their clients' financial well-being. 

Will Sorrell highlighted the theological basis of investing, grounding it in Kingdom-driven conviction. Jaco Booyens emphasized the crucial role of financial advisors in guiding clients according to shared convictions, and the critical work his ministry does to prevent human trafficking. Our panel showed us their heart for the firms they serve and way they differentiate themselves in the industry.  


Rodney Cox, Director of Relational Capital, emphasized the importance of leading from your strengths. He discussed the importance of valuing each other’s differences, being generous with what you have been given, and leading in the unique ways that God has designed us to lead. Following Jesus’ example, Rodney defined leadership as stepping down more than stepping up. He also explained that the difference between knowledge and wisdom is that wisdom is the commitment to acting on what you know.  

Andy Manton, John Siverling, and Nathan Willis all discussed investing that elevates. Specifically, they explained how OneAscent Investments manages its portfolios. John highlighted our belief that rapidly growing for-profit businesses are the most powerful economic engines for growth, and they have the greatest potential for positive impact. 

We also had a Portfolio Manager Panel with Bob Doll, CIO at Crossmark; Dr. Kyle Rasbach, Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst at Eventide; and Andrew Manton, Chief Equity Strategist and Senior Portfolio Manager for OneAscent Investments. Nathan Willis, Director of Portfolio Strategy for OneAscent Investments, moderated the panel. During the panel, these four dove into the current status of the market. Due to current events, there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding our investments. In light of this, Bob reminded us, “If God puts something in front of us to do, we need to do it right away because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow.” He continued, “Wherever you are in this space, take another step or two in faith, and it will be worth it,” calling us to think critically and act in faith. 

Rodney Cox, emphasizing leveraging strengths, valuing differences, and leading uniquely as designed by God. Andy Manton, John Siverling, and Nathan Willis shared investment strategies focused on elevating portfolios at OneAscent Investments. Finally, a panel of four investment professionals discussed the world of investing today while emphasizing rapid-growth for-profit businesses for positive impact. 


These themes culminated in discussions of work that we can do now. Jim Stollberg, Co-CEO of Halftime, encouraged us to do the work that is set before us. Halftime’s mission is to “Get Clear, Get Free, Get Going:” Get Clear on who you are and what you were made to do, Get Free from the things that hold you back, and Get Going in thought and action. Jim encouraged us to elevate our impact by joining with others to make a difference in our community. 

Cole Pearson, President of OneAscent Investments, demonstrated a few tools that advisors can use to accomplish alignment with values-based investing. He explained that alignment happens at the intersection between values, goals, and investments. 

Tom Conway, CEO of Conway & Associates, discussed the importance of leaving a legacy. He pointed out the difference between a “legacy by default” and a “legacy by design.” To leave good legacies, Tom encourages his clients to be proactive and prepared. 

Brian Church, Chief Growth Officer at OneAscent Financial, gave advisors tangible ways to plan a growth strategy for their business. He showed the organic growth model (Attract, Engage, Convert). He also shed light into creating your own platform content for your niche and how to distribute that content organically and inorganically. 

Jim Stollberg emphasized Halftime's mission of clarity, freedom, and action, urging individuals to engage in impactful work within their communities. Cole Pearson highlighted tools for advisors to align values with investments. Tom Conway stressed the importance of deliberately crafting a legacy rather than leaving one by default. Brian Church provided advisors with strategies for business growth, including creating and distributing niche content and implementing an organic growth model. 

Living with our Head, Heart, and Hands Aligned  

This year at the OneAscent Advisor Summit, we were left empowered to advance the Kingdom through our uniquely relational line of work. This empowerment begins with conviction of the heart, followed by critical thinking of the head, which culminates in working with the hands. Below is a first-hand look at the advisors who attended and will be implementing into their practice, as well as reasons to attend in the future. 

“I am blessed to be a part of a company with such high-class people spiritually and from a business perspective. I will continue to pray for peace and blessing on this company and look forward to our journey together.” 

“I left the OneAscent Advisor Summit with the desire to work and build community with other advisors that are solving similar problems and to learn how to make a bigger impact on the Kingdom. OneAscent gives me the encouragement and the tools and resources to live out what I've been learning through Kingdom Advisors for years. I needed the support network behind me that OneAscent offers to carry out the things I believe in.” 

Email if you’re interested in learning more info about next year’s Advisor Summit. 


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